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Having more than 40 years of experience and a technical team dedicated to development and technical support, Telmaksan is the leader in manufacturing Aluminum Wire and Steel Reels in Europe, Africa, Middle east as well as in local market.

Telmaksan has specialized in producing aluminum and aluminum alloy drawn wires for mechanical and electrical applications. The company is proud to be the best aluminum wire supplier in full size range from 0.12 mm to 9.5 mm that meet international standards in Turkish market as well as all over Europe. 

In addition to standard production of aluminum single wire, Telmaksan has developed the production of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy multi wire. While concentrating on fine wire manufacturing in previous years, the company has expanded its range of products in aluminum wire in order to supply wide range of applications such as metallization, cables, cold heading (screws, nails, rivets), tea bag wire, mosquito nets, weaving wire and more.

Besides Aluminum wire manufacturing, Telmaksan also produces steel reels. The range of products include as one way reels, standard reels for bunches, drawing and stranding. Double Flange Reels for wire industry and big drums for cable and rope industry. All its products are according to DIN specifications and non standard products are manufactured according to the requirements of its customers.

Quality requirements of the market are ever increasing and the company is continuously developing systems and improving its processes flexibility and knowledge. Our quality team, engineers and sales personnel work together with customers in an effort to exceed expectations resulting our customers recognize Telmaksan difference in both our products and our customer service.

Telmaksan’s aim is to progress with its continued excellence in customer service and improving its technology to show longer term stability in aluminum and steel reel market.